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hate summer school especially because the fellow students in there are only the obnoxious loud mouths

thats what i expect as well lol

luckily i think i only have to take one class and its fashion field studies haha so ill be around the people ive known for a year now and its only once a week for 8 weeks 

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Death is not the worst. There are things more horrible than death.

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oh my godddddddddd the worst thing that could ever happen to a student has happened:

i have to take summer school 

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From the book Sex, by Madonna. 

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your faves can jump off a bridge now 

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no but really these are my fave models so far because he looks like a disney prince and she is the literal definition of eastern european ice princess

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Greg Delves, White Hood 1, Alek Wek, Long Island, 1997

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Vogue Germany : Ph. Max Von Gumppenberg & Patrick Bienert

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